Commited To Supplying Quality Products Consistently and Efficiently

Peak Packaging is an online business committed to supplying quality products consistently and efficiently. At Peak Packaging we understand the need to save you time and effort by enabling you to shop with both ease and confidence.

Always developing new products lines, if there is something you need let us do the work for you. With our extensive network of manufactures and suppliers, Peak Packaging will source the best solution tailored to your needs.

With quality products supported by professional, dedicated staff Peak Packaging is the best choice for all your packaging supplies.

Carton Liners

Peak Packaging carton liners are the perfect option for maintaining freshness while shipping larger quantities of produce. The technology used in the liners preserves perishable foods, helping to maintain the shelf life of the product. Save money and increase the shelf life of your produce by using Peak Packaging carton liners. Carton liners are manufactured under a certified Food Safety Program (HACCP).

Produce Bags

Peakfresh produce bags are a convenient way of storing fruits and vegetables to stop them from spoiling. Manufactured under a certified Food Safety Program (HACCP), Peakfresh produce bags will save you money at the grocery store. Available in a variety of pack sizes.

Ice Replacements

Using Peakfreeze ice gel packs and ice replacement pads for shipping fresh foods is a no mess, cost effective and convenient option. Ice gel packs and ice replacement pads are a more favourable option over ice itself as it saves time and is more efficient at keeping produce colder for longer. Peakfreeze ice replacement gels and pads are manufactured in a facility with a certified Food Safety Program (HACCP), meaning you can be confident of the safety and quality of your produce.

Modified Atmosphere Bags

Peakfresh reusable produce bags are the perfect solution for fresh food storage. Peakfresh unique fruit and vegetable bags remove harmful gases to ensure your produce stays fresher for longer. Peakfresh food packaging is specially designed to slow down the ageing process and maximise shelf life of fresh fruit & vegetables. Made to the highest standards, Peakfresh reusable produce bags are approved for use on Organic foods and are manufactured in a facility with a certified Food Safety Program (HACCP).

Custom made bags and film for any application

Peak Packaging provide plastic bags and film for many applications. Whether you need an industrial bag to carry concrete mix or a printed shopping carry bag, our team will manufacture to your specific requirement.Customers wanting food grade plastic bags and films can be assured that their product will be safe as all food grade bags and film are manufactured in a facility with a certified Food Safety Program (HACCP).

Press Seal Bags

Convenient and easy to use, press seal bags are ideal for storing items securely. Press seal bags come in a range of sizes and are food grade, making them a great option for storing snacks for when you are on the run.