Ice Replacement Pads and Gel Packs

The modern day solution in temperature control for the transporting of fresh, perishable, and heat sensitive products.

Shipping fresh food can be quite a risky process. Ensuring that the food does not spoil and go bad following a lengthy transit requires keeping the food fresh. While in the past that may have required a lot of ice, nowadays using ice packs for shipping food is the cost effective, convenient option.

Ice gel packs and ice replacement pads are a more favourable option over ice itself.

  • Save time: PEAKfreeze is quick and easy to use.
  • No mess: No dehydration means no messy pool of water.
  • Protect freshness: maintains low temperatures longer than conventional ice.
  • Reduce costs: Convenient sizes reduce freight and storage costs.

Peakfreeze Features

Freeze Factor

When packaged under proper conditions, the PEAKfreeze “freezing duration” is outstanding making it a more economical and superior option than conventional ice


The cellular construction of PEAKfreeze means unhydrated it is lightweight, compact and great for easy storage. Once hydrated, PEAKfreeze is inherently flexible. The division between the individual sachet cells can be bent to the shape of the product being packed. For example the belly cavity of a fish can be lined with PEAKfreeze to ensure maximum temperature control during transportation.

Fluid Retention

The unique formulation of PEAKfreeze ensures total moisture control by retaining fluid when thawing finally occurs and preventing dehydration. When fully saturated PEAKfreeze does not leak and there is no messy melting unlike traditional ice.

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